Larkin Square

Last week was the first time that we ventured out to Larkin Square, and let me say that it definitely won't be our last. Larkin 5

Larkin Square is located in the hear of Buffalo's Larkin District which has recently been renovated into a gorgeous place where anyone can come and have lunch, relax in the sunshine, and on certain nights, listen to some great music.

Larkin 3

Larkin 2

Larkin 1

There's a central place in the middle where you can buy drinks and order hot dogs, burgers, etc.

Larkin 4

Stand-alone little shops lined the outside where you could buy baked goods, produce, tee shirts, and even hula hoops! (I think I'll try my hand at that next week)

Larkin 7

Larkin 6

I'm obsessed with those big orange chair things with the built-in shade. I need one of those in my life.

Larkin 9

Larkin 8

If you're in the Buffalo area, you need to get to Larkin ASAP! You can visit their website HERE for details on what they have going on a week-to-week basis.

Do you have a special place in your area where you go to hang out during the week in the summer?