Personal Style: Maxi Dress Turned Skirt

maxi 4 Or the title of this post can also be "I think I'm Beyonce because my hair kept blowing in the wind." I think at one point or another in our lives we wish that we were Beyonce.

Okay, but really, let's talk about maxi skirts. I have expressed my hatred for maxi dresses/skirts in the past because for one reason- I could never find any that were long enough. At 5'7, I'm not Jolly Green Giant tall, but it is still hard for me to find maxis that are long enough. I personally like them to skim the floor so you can't see my shoes when I'm standing still.

maxi 2

See? Total Beyonce moment right here.

While shopping in Old Navy last year, I was browsing the clearance section when I came across a maxi tube dress. When I tried it on in the fitting room, I was bummed to see that it wasn't long enough. But then I had a thought. What if I folded the tube top of the dress in half and wore the dress like the skirt? Well, I tried it out and BAM! The perfect length maxi skirt was born.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

maxi 1


Shirt: Gap Outlet - SIMILAR Skirt (tube dress): Old Navy - SIMILAR

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