Nickel City Gritty is a very special project of mine.  It is a series of interviews, videos, and photos of the very thing that made Buffalo what is is today- the people.  I’m interviewing and photographing those very people that run this city; those who are doing incredible things and living outside the box. But these aren’t just any old interviews.  These interviews are getting down to the core of the person- their favorite music, food, memories, and things that they love about this amazing city that we call home.

This is Nickel City Gritty.

1.  Elizabeth Siematkowski:  Buffalo Black Book

2.  Frank Fina and Tyler Annalora:  Two Guys Good Buys

3.  Hertel Avenue

5.  Caralyn Mirand:  Model & Creator of Buffalo Beautiful

6.  Brandon & Stephanie Zarbo:  We Must Dash

7.  Sean Wrafter: Wrafterbuilt

8.  Joseph Stocker & Jon Eisenberg:  Bureau

9.  Michele Ogden:  Whimsy Confections

10. Jon Mirro:  Hand of Doom Tattoo & Lockhouse Distillery

11. Sam Scarcello:  Public Espresso

12. Frank Weber & Roy Bakos:  Buffalo Distilling Company

13. Vinny Alejandro:  Street Artist

14. Katie Ambrose:  Groom Service

15. Sara Heidinger & Bridget Morris:  Undergrounds Coffee House & Roastery

16. Dustin Snyder & Andrew Piechowicz: Hatchets & Hops

17. Pete Cimino: lloyd taco truck & lloyd taco factory

18. Erin Habes:  Badass Fashion Maven

19. Rachel Casey:  Rust Belt Barbering & Salon

20. Chris & Jodi Drew:  Spoke & Dagger

21. Jackie Wrafter:  Georgette

22. Mickey Thoren Harmon:  Pine Apple Company 

23. Julia Bottoms:  Artist

24. Holly Kirkpatrick: Lifted Podcast by Rise Collaborative

25. Gretchen Meyers: Peg’s Hardware

26. Jillian Nowak, Heather Nowak & Carlene Derkovitz: West Side Stitchery

27. Rich Tomasello: Artist

28. Billy & Pat Sandora-Nastyn: Daddy’s Plants

29. Frank & Paul Tripi: Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs

30. Alyson O’Connor: Rust Belt Love

31. Alex & Brit: BikeorBar

32. Kelly audette & Mo torpey: Fairy Cakes Cupcakery & Bakeshop

33. Nick Kostis & Seth Stromberg: The Burning Buffalo

34. Julia Hardick: Vintage Chameleon