Friday! YAY! You guys guys have anything fun planned for the weekend? Personally, I'm hoping to do a whole lot of relaxing and nothing else. It's been a pretty busy week! Today I'm linking up with Life Rearranged and sharing some of my Instagram photos from the week. You can follow me on Instagram: Follow @linzguini

Larkin feet

My feet from Larkin Square last week. These wonderful sandals that every blogger owns, but they ARE glorious. P.S. You can find them HERE

Glitter nails

Probably one of my favorite manis that I've done so glitter! I believe it's a chunky gold glitter polish from Sephora. Not the best lasting power in the world, but it's decent.

Bella kitchen

Sweet baby Bella. So happy that she's feeling better!

Water garden

Watering the garden in our backyard...pretty cool perspective. And then this happened...

Bella water

Girlfriend LOVES jumping in the water from the hose. Especially on a hot day!


And Starbucks peach green tea lemonade is so need to try one ASAP!

Have a great weekend everyone!