Serving Up Summer Style With Totally Good Time

My style has evolved a lot over the years. I remember that each year in high school I dressed a completely different way. Freshman year I tried to be a "skater girl," Sophomore year was my goth phase where I owned everything from Hot Topic, Junior year I tried to be super glam, and somehow during Senior year I decided that preppy was the way to go and lived everything Abercrombie...maybe it was because of that LFO song we all know and love.

But through all of these phases, one thing remained love of graphic tees.  One of my go-to outfits is a cute tee and pair of jeans and I'm out the door, but lately I've been experimenting with different ways to style my favorite shirts.  One of my favorite companies Totally Good Time reached out to me recently to write a style post for their newsletter.  If you are into cute graphic tees like I am, definitely check them out! 

See below for the post that I crafted about three ways that I love to style my favorite tee! 

How To Style Your Favorite Top This Summer

Hello and happy summer, all!

My name is Lindsay and I run the life & style blog Nickel City Pretty. If you like my style and want to see more about my life, follow me on FacebookInstagram & Twitter! I’m based out of Buffalo, NY (the birthplace of the chicken wing) and while we are famous for our snowy winters, summer is where we really thrive. My absolute favorite thing about summer is finally getting the chance to wear CUTE CLOTHING!

There’s nothing better than a trusty graphic tee to show off those tanned arms, but there’s pretty much only one way to wear it, right? Wrong! Tees can look great in so many situations, whether it’s dressing up or dressing down. While I love a good classic tee, I opted to grab this guy in the tank style, as I love the hint of sexiness when I pair it with a lace bralette.

The ways that I’ve styled this Totally Good Time tank can also work for a regular shirt. Here’s three of my favorite looks:

1. Darling Denim: The first, and pretty much only way that most of us wear our tees is with a pair of jeans. I opt for a pair of denim with some character, though, as to not look like a complete basic bitch. Here I went with a skinny jean in a dark wash with some distressing. I personally think that every outfit has to have something “special” in it as to not be totally boring. The distressing on the denim and gladiator sandals give an elevated feel to the normal jeans and flip flops of days past.

2. Cutoff Cutie: Cutoff shorts are all the rage, especially during summer music festivals and fun outdoor events. For this look, I’ve tucked my Riverdale tee into my favorite pair of cutoff black shorts. Distressing is so hot right now and the rips add a bit of fun to the outfit and keep it casual.  Whenever I wear shorter shorts, I like to keep my shoe color neutral, to make sure that my legs look as long as possible. Also, PRO TIP: if you are posing in front of a rusty metal structure, make sure that you are up to date on your tetanus shots.

3. Dressed‐up Diva: Bet you never thought of dressing up your graphic tee for a night out on the town, hmm? But it can be done! When I do this, I always choose a bottom that mirrors the “fanciness” of the event that I’m going to. For example, this look I would wear out to dinner and drinks with my girlfriends. For something dressier, I would pair this top with a sequin skirt and a leather jacket for an event like a New Year’s Eve cocktail party. Accessories are also a fun way to dress up a graphic tee. My black and white clutch was the perfect fit for this outfit (and this backdrop!)

Dressed up 1.jpg

Have fun with your clothing and experiment! There’s no wrong way to wear something. If you feel good in it, rock that outfit, boo! Tag me in your tee selfies…I’d love to see how you style your Totally Good Time swag!