Brookdog Fishing Company

You know how the saying goes, "Don't judge a book by its cover." Well, if one would look at me, one would automatically assume that I would not really be into the outdoors. I don't have a very rugged or earth-mother looking exterior from my blue hair to my fake lashes. But, I will have you know, that not only do I enjoy the outdoors, I really enjoy fishing.

That's right, my friends. I first became interested in fishing a thousand years ago (approximately) when Nicholas used to take me spin fishing for little guys. Him, being a huge fly fisherman, gradually introduced me into the world of fly fishing. While I'm really not that great at it, I still enjoy being out on the water and hopefully catching a fish or two.

I recently linked up with Ryan of Brookdog Fishing Company to spend a few hours on the water.  Brookdog is a local fishing charter owned by Ryan Shea and Nathan Carr.  I've never been on a fishing charter before, so I had no idea what to expect.  As you can see from the photos in this post, I experienced an amazing evening with a super chill and down to earth guide who showed me a new side to Buffalo's water that I haven't been able to see before. Plus, I caught a fish!


The weather was absolutely perfect to be out on the water. Ryan told me what to do to make sure that I would catch the smallmouth bass that we were searching for. I followed his instructions and landed this bad boy! Actually, I think he told me it was a girl...


I was SO EXCITED to catch this beauty! Most of the time, the etiquette when you have a fish on your line is to yell, "Fish on!" But I'm pretty sure that I just yelled, "Oooohhhhh!" I'm lucky that he understood what I was trying to say.

From there on we traveled over closer to Grand Island, fished a little more, caught an amazing sunset...


And also caught another fish! This one was all Nicholas.


I asked Ryan a few questions about Brookdog and the future of their business.  Here's what he had to say!

When did you start your business?

June 2016

Have you always known that becoming a fishing guide was something that you wanted to pursue?

We had an assignment in 7th grade for home Econ class - write a 1000 word essay about what you want to be when you grow up. I wrote about being a professional angler.

How did you come up with the name Brookdog?

Nate, my brother Tim, and I used to camp and fish small streams in our younger years. Back then, everything had a little hip-hop flavor to it - i.e. What's up, "dog?" We were always throwing "dog" at the end of various words. Since brook trout were our favorite fish on those small creeks, we'd revel in catching "brookdogs." The nick name clicked - and we decided if we ever started a guide service we'd call it Brookdog Fishing Company.


What do you love about owning your own business?

Independence and the ability to use our creativity in creating a brand. Making ourselves distinguishable from our peers is a lot of fun. It creates many opportunities to collaborate with different people and learn something new.

What are the challenges that come with owning your own business?

Generating business! Work-life balance is really tough. Having a supportive family is key. I couldn't do this without the love and support of my beautiful wife.

What's your future plans for Brookdog?

Keep growing! We also want to expand our portfolio of Re-Discover Your Region episodes.


What do you love most about Buffalo?

Fishery: It's a year round fishery with different targets and tactics for every season.

Town: the social scene. You can emerge yourself in so many different cultures and you never have to travel far. The concerts, the festivals, the food - it's all incredible.

Favorite place to grab a drink?

Dockside Bar and Grill

What's currently on your playlist?

Anything 90s hip hop! However, I listen to "Box Chevy V" by Yelawolf every time I'm about to get on the water.


Thank you SO MUCH Ryan for taking us out for a gorgeous evening of fishing. We had a blast!

If you have always wanted to go on a fishing charter, you should absolutely contact Brookdog Fishing Company! Visit their website for more information.