Empire Henna

The only time I've ever experienced getting a henna "tattoo" was at the Sterling Renaissance Festival somewhere along the lines of ten years ago. I remember getting a teeny little floral design on my shoulder and fell in love with the artistry of the piece.  

I was recently contacted by Afsha of Empire Henna who said that she would like to do a piece on me. If you scroll through her Instagram account, you will see that she's extremely talented so of course I immediately said yes!

I met her at Daily Planet one Saturday morning and I was shocked just how quick she completed my tattoo. I was so in love with it! I just asked her to do a free hand design, and she came up with something that was absolutely gorgeous.

I asked her a few questions about her business and the henna process itself and here's what she had to say!

When did you start your business?

I started in Oct 2016

Have you always known that doing henna was something that you wanted to pursue?

Yes for sure. Since I can remember I used to always take the henna that we would store in our fridge and try to doodle on myself. I love creating, it clears my mind and the finished work makes me so happy. 

How did you come up with the name Empire Henna for your brand? 

I came up with Empire Henna because my husband always says to me "we are going to have an empire one day" haha. And because I have spent the majority of my life in New York, the Empire State. 

What do you love most about doing henna?

Truly my favorite part about doing henna is making people excited and happy to see the finished designs. Its wonderful because you can never get sick of henna, it always fades away and each time you get it, its something new.

I know that there are two different types of henna that you work with. Which one do you like using better and why?

I have two types that I make, one is the regular, traditional henna and the other is mixed with Jagua extract. Jagua is a fruit from the amazon which leaves a dark blue/blackish stain. I prefer the jagua henna more because its easier to care for. Regular henna needs to stay on as long as possible preferably over night for the best stain while jagua just needs 2-4 hours. Also I like the consistency more of henna when its mixed with the jagua. 

Do you do henna for parties? 

Yes, I do henna for parties, I offer discounted rates for that. Its such a great addition to almost any event because its so unique and fun. Guys can even get it done! 

If someone would like to inquire about your services, how should they get in contact with you?

The best way to contact me is by sending me a message at 716 609 5161 or getting in touch with me through Instagram

I snapped a few progress photos so you can see how the henna fades.  Mine lasted a little over a week and faded beautifully and evenly. If you are looking to get any kind of henna design done or you would like to book her for a party, make sure to contact her ASAP!

henna 5.jpg