Feed Your Furry Friends The Best With Hound Fresh!

The product was provided to me by Hound Fresh in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Attention all dog owners! How picky are your four legged friends when it comes to their food? Super fussy? Will eat anything? I have one of each, so I am on both ends of the spectrum...and it can be really frustrating.

I've never formally introduced my two dogs to you all, so here they are. I lovingly call them the Idiot Twins. Idiot #1, Bella, is a mutt. We aren't quite sure what she is, actually, although I wasted my money on one of those doggy DNA tests once. We knew that she was an Australian Cattle Dog mix, but I just wanted to know what the mix was, as she looks part German Shepherd. The test results came back that she was an....wait for it...AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOG MIX. They didn't tell me what the mix was as apparently they can't test past three generations back. Anyway, long story short, she is my picky eater. Sometimes she'll eat fine, sometimes she'll snub her food, sometimes she'll eat both her and her sister's food. There's no rhyme or reason, I guess it just depends on if she wants to be stubborn that day and drive me crazy.

And speaking of her sister, Idiot #2 is Libby, the English Springer Spaniel. She will eat everything and anything, even if it's not food. She'll just assume that it's food and eat it anyway, so that's fun. Not.

I was recently approached by Margaret, owner of the local company Hound Fresh. They make dog food with real ingredients, cooked fresh every week! How cool is that? If you visit their website, it breaks down all of the ingredients and answers any questions that you might have about the process.

Margaret sent me two containers for my pups to try out, and this food was a raging success. Bella, the picky one, gobbled up this food without any question or hesitation. She seemed to really enjoy it. All she really cares about is meat, and this food is packed full of chicken and veggies and doesn't have any grains or fillers, which is really important. Libby, the vacuum, actually took her time eating, which was totally out of the ordinary for her, and she normally seems to swallow her food whole without actually tasting it. She was chewing her food for once, which made me a happy mamma.

I asked Margaret a few questions about Hound Fresh and the future of her company, and here's what she had to say!

When did you start your business?

Hound Fresh officially started this past fall after a year of researching and working with our team to develop our recipe. It was important for us to take the time with our nutritionists to ensure that we had the best possible food available.

Have you always known that creating dog food was something that you wanted to pursue?

Not at first. I started Hound Fresh because I wasn't happy with the options that were out there to feed our pets. When I adopted Comrade (my amazing lab mix;) seven years ago, I had no idea that a world beyond kibble existed! Believe it or not, I always believed that dogs shouldn't eat "people food". Comrade suffered with skin conditions that just wouldn't go away with any of the treatments. Thats when I started looking into his diet and switched him over to a fresh food diet. The results were amazing. His skin alignments cleared up, and his overall health improved. The more I read about fresh food diets the more I realized what an important role they played in keeping dogs in optimum health. Fresh food diets work great for dogs that are also struggling with allergies, itchy skin, chronic ear infections, digestive issues, and weight management. The issue with kibble is first and foremost its ingredients- the majority of kibbles use ingredients that are "not fit" for human consumption- these include the 4D's- Dead, diseased,dying or disabled. These ingredients are used not only in lower quality kibbles but in premium kibbles as well. Hound Fresh never uses grains,by-products, preservatives, "mystery meat, or rendered meat. You can see our ingredients and we are totally transparent in everything we put in our food.

What do you love about owning your own business?

I love the fact that it allows me to pursue something I am passionate in. Each and every single dog we feed are part of our Hound Fresh family and we take a genuine interest to make sure that each of our dogs is thriving. Helping them achieve their health is very fulfilling for us.

What are the challenges that come with owning your own business?

I think the biggest challenge was trying to keep it as simple as possible for our customers. Kibble is very convenient, you just scoop and go! We also wanted to keep it as convenient as possible while still providing a superior fresh food diet. With this in mind, we came up with our business model. Our food is cooked fresh to order Monday morning and than delivered Monday evening. We provide weekly delivery right to your doorstep. Our food is individually customized and pre-portioned by meal for each individual dog. Just open and serve!

Any plans to expand into stores?

Yes! You can find us at Animal Outfitters!

What do you love most about Buffalo?

The people! Buffalo has such a sense of community and pride.

What are the future plans for your business?

We have had such a great response from Buffalo! Our immediate plans are to continue to expand our grow our customer base.

Thank you so much Margaret for the yummy meals for my pups! If you would like to try out Hound Fresh for your fur babies, visit their website to get started today!