Happy Birthday Shark Girl!

Who is Shark Girl, you ask? 

Shark Girl is a public art piece created by the extremely talented Casey Riordan Millard. She's exactly like her name describes....a girl who is also a shark.  She's made out of fiberglass and she's amazing.  If you haven't had the privileged to sit next to her, she's located at Canalside.

Buffalo has an extreme love affair with Shark Girl.  So much so, that the Albright-Knox Art Gallery threw her a 2nd birthday party a few weeks ago, and I was so happy that I could be there!

I loved all of the little personal touches that the Art Gallery added to make the party special.  There were Shark Girl inspired cupcakes...

Shark Girl temporary tattoos...

And they even projected a video of sharks swimming onto the wall outside. So cute.

Most importantly, we had the chance to meet the artist herself. Casey was so incredibly sweet and surprisingly wasn't scared away when three girls came up to her and freaked out about how much we loved her creation. Seriously though, Casey, if you made a shark girl t-shirt, I would be ALL over it.

We had so much fun and the Albright-Knox put on a fantastic birthday party! Even though Shark Girl herself couldn't attend, we had fun celebrating on her behalf.