Step Out Buffalo's Insta Exhibition

If you live in Buffalo, there's a huge chance that you are familiar with Step Out Buffalo.  They are the go-to source for everything that's happening in this wonderful city of ours.  For a while now, they have encouraged the people of Buffalo to use the hashtag #hashtagstepoutbuffalo on their Instagram photos of the city, and they feature a few of their favorites on their website each week.

In a stroke of genius, Step Out Buffalo decided to hold an Insta Exhibition- out of the thousands of photos tagged with their special hashtag, they chose 500 to print out and showcase in an art exhibition.  So cool, right?

The exhibition was held at High Temp Fabrication in the Cobblestone District of the city.  It's a pretty awesome venue in the fact that it's a gigantic building that's an actual fabrication business, but they also have an event space that they rent out on the third floor.  I've been to another art show here in the past, and it's pretty awesome being in such an industrial setting surrounded by beautiful artwork and photos.

To my surprise, three of my photos were featured!  Three out of 500 may not sound like a lot, but I wasn't expecting to have any, so I was thrilled!!  Of course I had to take photos of my photos like a complete nerd.

My friend Ashley, aka Morning Glory Blog, was also there, and we were so happy to see that two of our photos were placed next to each other!  So, like I said before, nerd alert...

Thanks so much for putting on an awesome event, Step Out Buffalo! And an even bigger thanks for featuring three of my photos...I feel like a rockstar!