Buffalo Black Book Official Launch

Allow me to introduce you to Buffalo Black Book.  It is Buffalo’s Premier quarterly print magazine that highlights and explores Buffalo culture, sub-culture, love and people through candid conversation and busting of stigma.  It is edgy, raw, pure and evokes a message of hope, empathy and courage.

The mastermind behind this project is Elizabeth Siematkowski.  She write on the site, "I feel creating empathy in a culture comes from dialogue no matter how difficult the topic.  And I believe  BBB is a beautiful way to invite that dialogue."

They are having their official launch event this Saturday at Hydraulic Hearth and I'm so excited to attend.  It's incredible to see the art that is coming out of this wonderful city, and I can't wait to finally meet the team behind this project.

Also, hello, the BuffaLoveBus will be there.   Yes. that's a VW bus turned into a photo booth.  Genius or what?!?

You can order your own copy on their website and you can read more about Elizabeth and the Buffalo Black Book on Buffalo Rising.