Personal Style: Cold Shoulder Stripes

 photo DSC_0232.jpg Aren't colorful walls the BEST?!?

 photo DSC_0252.jpg

Before I talk about this dress, let's talk about this amazing mural, shall we?

 photo DSC_0226.jpg

This beautiful piece was created by the masterful Jessie and Katey.  This talented duo was able to take this previously sad building in the city that spans an entire block and transform it into something completely magical.   You can see photos of the entire piece on their website.  It's stunning!

 photo DSC_0255.jpg

So this dress.  I've been all about off-the-shoulder pieces this summer, and this dress is particularly one of my favorites as the shoulders do not ride up on me.  Plus, it's black and white striped, which you know is pretty much my uniform now days.

 photo DSC_0247.jpg

But as much as I love this dress, I love this mural more. Don't be surprised if you see 90% of my outfit photos taken here from now on.

 photo DSC_0231.jpg