Art Alley

 photo 977F0CCD-DBE9-40A3-803A-A1692AF1D23E.jpg Something exciting is happening in Niagara Falls, and it's centered around the art community.

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Several different artists have been gathered together to create a public art project known as Art Alley. Art Alley is located in an alleyway off of Third Street in Niagara Falls.

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As a lover of public artwork, I had to visit the site and look at the progress.  And when I say "visit the site," I actually mean that I maybe possibly squeezed through a fence just so I could snap some photos.  It looks absolutely amazing so far!

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When the space is finished, it is planned to be a hub for different events and activities. I couldn't think of a better use for a space than this.

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Some of the artists include Fritz Proctor, Kyle Baillargeon, Tricia Butski, AJ Fries, Brandon Celi, Tom Holt, Chuck Tingley, Tara Marie Mitravitch; Madonna Pannell, Jesse Mank and Rick Nickel. (source)

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If you are in the area, I highly recommend driving by and checking it out!  But I don't  highly recommend squeezing through the fence...that might be a bit frowned upon.