Puccoon Raccoon

 photo 8BDE31BE-195F-4D21-BB72-73BCEC662839.jpg I first heard about the local business Puccoon Raccoon on the Jack Craft Fair's Instagram account.  They had posted a photo of this unicorn necklace and I immediately died and knew that I had to have it.  I'm a huge unicorn lover as you can tell from my fabulous salt and pepper shakers here.

 photo 68B9A68C-45CD-46C8-8755-D4E2DB49D955.jpg

The woman behind these super whimsical pieces is named Jessica and she's based out of Rochester, NY.

 photo 5629D351-8F93-4A39-BDF0-74622C9B3029.jpg

It was SO hard for me to settle on a specific one piece, since they were all so adorable, but when I saw my unicorn I knew that was it!

 photo 4B2C2433-0850-403C-A125-82F05FDC26BD.jpg

 photo 6FE4031A-137B-4286-A789-FB0973536A6D.jpg

 photo 90EFB3B6-0AEC-4449-9A50-2F4595C8DD74.jpg

Make sure to check out her Etsy shop.  She also carries earrings, rings and more!  I can't wait to buy another little guy...I think the sloth might need to come home with me next!