Exploring Wilkeson Pointe

 photo 62EA70B4-561B-46D7-876B-75EFEA051A49.jpg This past weekend, I did a little bit of exploring at Wilkeson Pointe on the Outer Harbor. If you're from Buffalo, you've probably already been there because, hello, it's so beautiful. For some odd reason, I never made it a point to visit until now, and I'm so happy that I did!

 photo 17B6B3D6-2B7F-4BD0-A070-862DA86F63B7.jpg

 photo 0C57F958-A3EC-43EE-9E43-70CD8447F10D.jpg

The gardens are so beautiful and they have this cute little bridge.

 photo 1D7702D7-1DC8-4F8E-BD04-80D91AC79167.jpg

My favorite things in Wilkenson Pointe are the giant spoon-like metal sculptures that move so gracefully with the wind.

 photo EA43B9DC-A1AF-4101-9BEE-F0DBE868F36F.jpg

It was such a peaceful area and I definitely can't wait to go back....especially to see views like this.

 photo 4DC61FE9-0100-4C97-BF3D-C148680FD6C8.jpg

 photo B0DF5BCC-AAAA-4E0C-851A-55D2A442DAC5.jpg