Seattle Recap

 photo 9453D1F2-D0C0-422B-9756-2C3A3A38DCC0.jpg At the beginning of the month, we spent a week in Seattle because my little brother was getting married. I still can't believe that it's actually over, since I feel like we've been talking about it forever!

Seattle is one of my favorite places in the country.  Everything is so green and lush and the people are so mom always jokes that it's a city of robots because everything is just a little bit "too perfect."

Since we were there for so long, there were so many things that we were able to do and I took SO many photos.  I'm not going to upload all of them since it would take forever, but here are a few of my favorites that highlight some of the best things that we did on our trip.

Had the most amazing brunch at Salty's (which is where Nick & Chip got married!)

 photo 74A5B44C-D1C6-45E7-93E1-043C718D9B8B.jpg

 photo F1D323DD-0C84-4515-838F-0E9AE2CF7D36.jpg

 photo 955CC47F-3830-475A-8DAC-62D67EA13723.jpg

Took a beautiful walk around Lake Union

 photo 8C104B20-4AFB-4031-B1C6-19E12A3CD0A7.jpg

 photo 43CF35B4-92DF-44FD-ACFB-4102DA4E2B71.jpg

 photo A5C3CD7D-014C-4D1F-AFEB-37E6A81A20BA.jpg

We found the Fremont Troll! 

 photo 8E1C0EC9-2ED8-4EBB-8279-AC9F555481CB.jpg

 photo DFA44996-C6E8-4549-A347-50425DB52844.jpg

Had some life-changing tacos at Red Star Taco Bar in Fremont

 photo 9BE6F661-7536-471B-9EBE-78FA94F90EF8.jpg

Visited the Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room

 photo EB5AF4B4-A579-492D-B5D7-9599CCD136F5.jpg

Went to the infamous Pike Place Market

 photo D0B11EA3-D315-4B8C-9113-7F8B64F72141.jpg

Took a day trip to Mt. Rainier. It was SO FOGGY and cold that we couldn't see the mountain, but it was still so much fun. It was about a 2.5 hour drive from Seattle proper, and if you take a vacation to Seattle and want to venture to Mt. Rainier, I highly recommend booking a tour through Tours Northwest. They picked us up from the hotel and drove us to the mountain, making a bunch of stops at some awesome hiking trails.

 photo 8550BEBD-6634-4AF8-BBE2-45DB933FBFBD.jpg

 photo CD0847E0-AD26-446C-AFE7-9D5B30E2DB07.jpg

 photo 0538FE40-2149-49D2-ADD9-E13DAF347CFA.jpg

 photo 7C6FF763-2495-4DDF-B6AE-6D69AD271C93.jpg

 photo C58A7E18-CFB5-4FDE-ABE0-B638D7D5D43C.jpg

 photo B3AEC9F9-9361-4973-BD9E-9AF49E96BE5E.jpg

 photo E64C4A9F-31F0-40EE-A3C0-3DF0923F3E33.jpg

Fulfilled my dream of eating at Top Pot

 photo 7F6F89EC-7F94-4141-8F4F-82CF5C17D259.jpg

 photo D47C3ADB-957D-468C-A5E9-6C050235EB0A.jpg

Saw this dog

 photo C7AC8951-21E0-4CF4-ACAF-2082681B5639.jpg

Had the most INCREDIBLE chili-lime popcorn at The Pine Box

 photo 482F2AB6-763F-4B4F-975C-C41407671EA5.jpg

Road a Duck Boat around Lake Union

 photo 1D6AC89E-CBE1-4D5E-B150-779DC8B8B209.jpg

 photo 7C93F6EE-39E8-4EBF-A656-0A33ABEFE283.jpg

 photo D5F7D89B-D10F-4FF2-BFB1-C05CC834A366.jpg

Ate the most delicious Italian meal for their rehearsal dinner...I can't remember the name of the restaurant :(

 photo F9A5388B-4240-4D90-AC9C-21B696A29BDE.jpg

 photo B0B98A0A-6BDE-42DE-BB64-4D305876F121.jpg

 photo CAA18E5B-DE65-47BD-89F1-853EFB08277E.jpg

And watched my little brother get married to the love of his life  :)

 photo 4D7E4DD3-536D-43D3-8B56-F7DC907E5562.jpg

 photo 440F3394-919F-4A22-A104-7ED0EDE804A2.jpg

 photo 025F8E2A-3514-4AE7-857F-010A1BE078AA.jpg

 photo B77945EB-D35C-4695-B2DC-2C62956333F1.jpg

 photo DD3D3533-3536-44CC-9B8F-E1CF2EDEFDFD.jpg

It was an absolute perfect week and I am so happy that I was able to be there for my brother and Chip.  Love you both so much!