Hers & His Slip-on Sneakers

Slip-on sneakers have been around for an extremely long time, and I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like they are now becoming more "fashionable."  Kind of like how Birkenstocks are now considered to be "fashionable" (you got me on that one.) Since I wasn't born in Woodstock and my favorite band is NOT the Grateful Dead, I will definitely be deciding on the slip-on sneaker trend as my choice of footwear.  Not only are they super comfortable, they look great with denim or skirts.  Here are a few pairs that I have found for her AND him!


 photo img-thing.jpg

JC Penney: $29.99

 photo 10346294.jpg

JC Penney: $44.99

 photo 2181812_fpx.jpg

Macy's: $89

 photo 04217342_zi_leopard.jpg

Macy's: $109


 photo 1_301371_FS.jpg

Journeys: $59.99

 photo Star-Wars-x-Vans-Slip-On-New-Hope-Shoes-_229084.jpg

PacSun: $60

 photo sperry-top-sider-hawaiian-print-striper-slip-on-pack-02.jpg

Macy's: $70

 photo lacoste-gray-gazon-2-apron-slip-on-casual-shoes-product-1-18740788-1-903557440-normal_large_flex.jpeg

Macy's: $100