photo B8EB8784-4983-4162-A464-D011711D20AC.jpg Last week, my family and I headed up towards NYC for my cousin's wedding.  The wedding was actually about 45 minutes outside of the city, but luckily we drove down the day before so we could spend a few hours exploring!

We arrived at our hotel Thursday afternoon, and took the train into Grand Central.  It was my first time on a train and my first time in Grand Central!

And, by the way, big shout out to the girls at MAC in Grand Central.  Halfway through our drive down, I realize that I FORGOT MY ENTIRE MAKEUP BAG AT HOME.  And for my fellow makeup addicts, you know just how traumatizing this is.  Thank goodness for my pro discount, and thank goodness for the convenient Grand Central store.  They hooked me up with everything that I needed in about 10 minutes.  And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING.  Oh least I have all new products now!

The very first thing that we wanted to do was visit the 9/11 Memorial.  It was so heartbreaking and so see all of these images in the media but it never really hit me so hard until I actually visited the museum.  I was able to take a few photos:

 photo E9E2CB8D-6D17-42A4-8504-BD0F5BA82147.jpg

 photo 2C6EFA04-B9D4-4647-8E5E-16D74E8A551A.jpg

 photo 78E0E529-232B-44F2-B00D-9AF92CE4BC1E.jpg

 photo 189DD1CF-8D27-43EB-B0D2-975520A80A64.jpg

 photo 9756507A-A3B9-4E07-B58F-1AD93EAD5D62.jpg

 photo 8EA00AF1-BA21-431D-92EB-0114C80F0C20.jpg

 photo 5999EC9B-AF0D-4103-8670-513C0556DC4D.jpg

 photo BAA31B04-5BF5-408C-A483-DF5EC6092EBA.jpg

 photo 33977FC2-6521-4230-B7D4-577424106708.jpg

 photo 9D9A416B-5313-42C8-82F2-E97F92C652DA.jpg

 photo A81A81CD-6A67-4C2E-9B9B-B1FEA83429BC.jpg

 photo 134C38E9-C225-4D86-AD08-498981A6DBE0.jpg

 photo C4DA2F3C-14F0-4134-8370-DEAF691BC25A.jpg

 photo 0D6B2C80-673B-4072-A976-DE6D543C6EE1.jpg

 photo D3DA4253-D76E-46CB-8AF0-71C209E33E19.jpg

After spending 2 emotional hours in the museum, we needed to continue on our trip, as we had dinner plans with 2 of my friends. Here's a tip...if you are planning on visiting the 9/11 Museum, block at least 3 hours to go through the entire thing...we could have spent so much time in there.

So listen, I love visiting the city, but the traffic makes me want to punch myself in the face.

How do we pass the time? Cab selfies!

 photo 2D7085DD-C984-4B23-82AB-F9E4F30826E9.jpg

The other must-see on my list of our very short trip to the city was Big Gay Ice Cream. I've known about them for a while, follow them on all forms of social media, and needed to get a taste of their amazing looking soft-serve for myself!

 photo D30C14C5-D4CD-4FC5-8AB5-F0D3782F25D7.jpg

Obsessed with the unicorn windows!

 photo C3232FC1-C549-4184-82ED-BE9C78B4729D.jpg

 photo 8DE0B1BB-AC54-47E9-BABA-225F5CCCE439.jpg

I opted for the Salty Pimp...vanilla soft-serve with salted caramel dipped in chocolate. YES it was as amazing as it sounds.

 photo FECE5F92-86BA-4AA1-9940-A3DF1D92540C.jpg

 photo C6A6772A-DCF4-4142-A241-D6233E472BC9.jpg

Right now is about that time when I'm going to show how much of a dork I really am to the entire world. About 12 or so years ago, I was super active on LiveJournal. I belonged to this community called The Lindsays, where only people named Lindsay (and spelled it that way) were allowed to join. Fast forward to now and I've still kept in touch with two of the girls who happen to live close to the city. Luckily, they were both free that night, so we were able to all meet up for dinner! They were both so lovely and sweet and I am so happy that we all got the chance to meet! Love you, Lindsays!

 photo 8B52E56C-FC57-4A53-8DAE-5AE99A714CA8.jpg

Friday was the date of the wedding, and my brother flew in from Seattle just for the occasion. He looked fabulous, as usual.

 photo AF28E806-9F00-46F3-A8D0-C908BDDCF029.jpg

The wedding was held at the Kittle House, which was super cute and old and was on a huge hill. The scenery was beautiful!

 photo 6E06F578-FFB4-4392-B9D1-9E2A25AA93B5.jpg

 photo B29B2CC4-33AD-4F03-A685-FDBF2C83C9CD.jpg

 photo B71AF27A-42C2-4DE9-9D50-E61F366C5D5E.jpg

 photo 2E043EBC-E9F8-4D7C-9911-A461DE925DC1.jpg

We were slaying it with our dramatic looks.

 photo 8FC174F0-D67D-42E0-ABD3-6D032C9AB7F8.jpg

The bride looked beautiful and they make a wonderful couple!

 photo FD6509E2-FBBD-4A7A-A345-DFED5AE98868.jpg

They had a "mason jar" theme, and I loved the detailing on the cute!

 photo 14DD8E97-3A75-4A2A-A15A-502B8901986B.jpg

 photo F1100FF3-CCA6-4F40-A87C-0029F094312A.jpg

 photo 0B6E5C65-0905-49D0-8492-45C62D4AD158.jpg

We definitely took advantage of the photo booth!

 photo 4F26FFCE-D1F4-4240-BC23-68C07EB095B5.jpg

And they ended the night with a smores station outside! The perfect ending to the perfect weekend!

 photo 59E04AC4-9CD5-4A7F-80A3-E7740BF97D3E.jpg

Wait, you know what, put it down, flip it and reverse it. The perfect ending to the perfect weekend is a rest stop cow farm Starbucks selfie on the way home.

 photo 617E5E3C-E37A-455E-9F39-3606B3D2CDA9.jpg