Personal Style: Midi Skirt Dressed Down

 photo RedMidiSkirt.jpg I've been talking about midi skirts for a while now.  I think they are so flattering (if you purchase the correct length for your height) and extremely lady-like.  Sometimes, a girl wants to be able to go out and not have to worry about her mini skirt blowing up and showing her goodies to the entire world, amiright?

Now that fall is here, I'm trying to find more creative ways to wear my skirts, especially dressed down.  Since I'm not quite ready to break out my arsenal of tights, I paired one of my favorite midi skirts with a cute graphic tee, slip on sneakers, and some denim.  What more could you want in an outfit?  Totally comfortable yet stylish.

And see, my point has been proven.  Wind blowing up my skirt, yet no goodies are showing!

 photo RedMidiSkirtwithDenim.jpg


Skirt: Express Jacket: SIMILAR Tee: SIMILAR Sneakers: SIMILAR

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