A Weekend In Pittsburgh: Part Three!

After our visit to the Cathedral of Learning, we decided that we wanted to head over to the famous Duquesne Incline! Here are a few facts about the Incline from their website:

Opened to Public: May 20, 1877 Cost to Build: $47,000 Length of Track: 794 feet Elevation: 400 feet Grade: 30.5 degrees Speed: 6 miles per hour Passenger: Capacity 18 per car

 photo C12E782A-309E-4456-B25E-F6A5CBE1E765.jpg

 photo 53922D96-40DC-4450-836D-203404E23D02.jpg

 photo 6737E4BC-8992-4A95-83B6-E0857F5CC3C9.jpg

This was our view as we boarded the little car and traveled up the incline.  It was a little scary but pretty awesome at the same time!

 photo 5B65A43C-CAE0-4576-B116-2F5D1F204948.jpg

 photo 494BFDC1-074D-473E-AD60-68417574501F.jpg

 photo 6C7972C9-D175-42DD-9CF7-772DDE2E8EA9.jpg

 photo F0D23B18-4A01-4997-99FA-E22CCE897AE2.jpg

At the top, they had tons of old photos and history about the Incline.  I think that was really special...I love seeing historical photos.

 photo 2C0CA559-4B12-43FE-9388-8B7F69349A72.jpg

The view from the top of the incline was breathtaking!

 photo 1890538_10203676581589201_9101161951510189701_o.jpg

 photo 10495355_10203676581909209_3721932946039419494_o.jpg

After the incline, we wanted to see where a lot of the weekend action was in Pittsburgh. We received recommendations from a lot of people to visit the Strip District.  The Strip is where a lot of the restaurants and shops are...it was similar to our Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo.  We could have spent the entire day there visiting all of the shops and grabbing a snack or a drink in each restaurant.  It was packed full of people!

 photo 7B8AC54B-3FC6-4248-8F06-E02431267F38.jpg

 photo 4A8781B6-0A8E-42B7-B716-BB093D5F73F0.jpg

 photo CD8789DF-3774-4883-84C1-82B09DE059EF.jpg

 photo 54DAC59D-2EB9-42C2-8D0D-4BA19AA23711.jpg

 photo 10517293_10203676586029312_4394287825458054066_o.jpg

 photo 10504844_10203676584149265_2648940358352676496_o.jpg

 photo C0A4FA1C-26D2-4676-AFAA-EDA1A5D447F2.jpg

At this point we were ready for lunch. When we decided to take this trip to Pittsburgh, I had one place firmly planted at the top of my list that we HAD to visit.

Primanti Brothers.

 photo 3679A902-A8D8-405C-B5F9-DD945019E6D1.jpg

*Cue the singing angels*

I've known about Primanti Brothers for a while now, seeing them on various food television shows, but I never thought I would be so lucky to visit.  Let me tell you, this was the most exciting part of the trip  :)

 photo 57394A19-F17D-4A30-ABD8-4E88E9BC6FCA.jpg

We sat at the bar which kind of solidified the entire experience for me.  I ordered the turkey sandwich and Nicholas ordered the steak sandwich.  They were super quick and SO DELICIOUS!  I'm not embarrassed to say that I scarfed down almost the entire thing.  It was just that good.

For those of you who don't know, their "thing" is that they put french fries and coleslaw on each sandwich.  Odd combination?  Maybe.  Super amazingly delicious?  Absolutely.

You better believe that I bought a tee shirt while I was there and have worn it several times since.

 photo 10483963_10203676588069363_7423866949661869787_o.jpg

 photo D80D21F4-4685-4785-B91B-EF1CBC7A6AF6.jpg

 photo 415D1FD4-C852-4C5C-AEB4-802BB77EF51B.jpg

 photo 606F74E3-8F84-4181-A579-400BE5602BA2.jpg

 photo 10479146_10203676587469348_4505426937987276766_o.jpg

After our amazing lunch, we walked around a little bit more and stumbled upon the Pittsburgh Popcorn Company.  Popcorn is one of my absolute favorite things in the entire universe, so we had to go in to buy some for our trip home.  The line was out the door!

 photo 5038BDB5-63EB-4751-91C7-E1348F82DB80.jpg

 photo 83E4E3F7-7C73-4C4C-9397-ED311A84AA76.jpg

We ended up buying three different kinds: Peanut Butter Cup (omg so good), Cajun, and Cheddar & Caramel Mix. I wish I had some right now, actually.

 photo D9824D73-8795-437E-91D0-1B46E089740A.jpg

After the Strip District, we decided to head on over to a pretty awesome looking brewery that was built in a church. It is appropriately named, The Church Brew Works.

 photo C7C9AF7C-8DDE-4042-AC49-F39C8D1C1CB1.jpg

 photo 9DDF7D92-0910-44E6-8EF1-A85C7CA8C72E.jpg

 photo 93BBA753-8DEB-484D-8B1E-60867078F872.jpg

 photo 52D3B830-6312-4D68-A02A-E1F20B5E17F7.jpg

They actually brew the beer on the altar.  This is wonderful.

 photo 7BA4C580-F6C0-4058-9970-1C1C67240952.jpg

 photo A74D73D3-48A6-4715-84BE-EAF2253EC3AB.jpg

 photo 5243D791-1F5C-465C-B0EF-70B9C6AF1AF2.jpg

After our insane day of exploration, we went back to the hotel to rest for a bit.  We looked for a restaurant that was within walking distance to our hotel, sounded totally yummy but was still casual.  We ended up at this super cute Mexican restaurant Las Velas.

 photo 5AAE877C-BA67-44EC-9676-1DBB29ED9D88.jpg

 photo C6DAC7BE-7A12-4946-B2B2-0E83F0BF0854.jpg

 photo 5927F48C-F94E-4007-8D97-AC13A897C446.jpg

Oh, hello super amazing Mexican food....this was probably the most legit yummy Mexican dinner that we've had in a loooooong time.

 photo A3D6BE86-75FD-445E-B798-C0510A9BA639.jpg

The fried ice cream changed my life.  I'm still thinking about it.

 photo A6164727-25E8-48E0-80D6-11A7966057CB.jpg

After our fabulous dinner, we took a slow walk back to our hotel, and to our surprise, were treated with a stunning firework show after the baseball game!  Talk about best seats in the house!

 photo E2C5370B-B61A-4713-A273-BC805E87DC44.jpg

 photo 017E2E2D-FAD7-421D-80DE-727D5A4FAB0D.jpg

 photo 98D46938-6FE7-4D42-8BB7-D7DBCE8ECA78.jpg

 photo 10463693_10203676591309444_429983167205253246_o.jpg

 photo 10533877_10203676592029462_5266111352983084122_o.jpg

 photo 1239067_10203676590549425_99414968354096910_o.jpg

Thank you SO MUCH Visit Pittsburgh for having us. We had such an amazing time and we can't wait to come back for another weekend trip!