The Buffalove Aerial Photo!

 photo 1402694887005-BUFFALOVE5.jpg Photo via Channel 2 News

Two weeks ago, my family and I were able to take part in the Buffalove Aerial Photo that took place Canalside in Buffalo.  I am SO happy that we decided to do this, as it is definitely an experience that I will never forget!

My mom had registered us early, and from our red t-shirts, we knew that we would be the "heart" of the Buffalo.  As you can tell, we were super excited!

 photo 10346C96-72EB-4C82-BCAE-85D103BD08FF.jpg

The photo took place Canalside right underneath the Skyway.  We got a chance to see how far that they've come with construction on the Harborcenter next the the FNC.  It's going to be amazing when it finally opens!

 photo 9457CF53-EA70-4DFE-B919-4FFC1C7D35C3.jpg

We all had to line up behind our colored balloons.  They had everything well organized, but it did take a little bit of shuffling around to get everyone in the correct position.

 photo 2B98E4B4-669F-41DD-BFA9-CCA584AEB6A8.jpg

 photo 26D319A4-AFAB-43D8-85F7-98A6198EF98A.jpg

 photo 4BA53AE0-2EDC-46B3-8B4C-E84B9B344BFE.jpg

There's my parents, right next to Waldo!

 photo B62A80FB-EA99-48F8-A86C-83BDBA13CE46.jpg

 photo 7FECE0F7-E277-403D-BBBC-FFA8E0F71879.jpg

And with a 1...2...3...they snapped a few photos, and that was it!  Now it was time to get our chicken dinner and relax.  Oh, and take a few photos commemorating our experience.

 photo 13F06690-6918-46BF-8C2E-CC19C7CC840F.jpg

 photo E2357BEE-7EBA-4C25-B65A-065F8A1EE362.jpg

If you want to see and order the HQ version of the photo, you can visit Patty's People Pictures website HERE!