Backstreets Back...ALRIGHT!

Last night was the Backstreet Boys concert at Darien Lake. How was it, you ask?

Well, this morning I can hardly walk because my legs hurt too much from dancing, my throat is sore from screaming, I'm covered in bruises, and I'm completely exhausted.


Remember the shirts that I posted about a few weeks ago that we made?  Now you can see them being put into action.

Here's the before shot of our BSB caravan before all of the insanity:

 photo 64A9AF7E-7059-49AB-856B-D56CB8F51251.jpg

Aaaaannnnddd, here's what went down. I'll let the pictures explain themselves.

 photo 80B753D2-2063-40DF-9B53-4C97A9CFEA9F.jpg

 photo E00F2D68-E6EC-4500-BB78-BBD92DE4263F.jpg

 photo 38E36DEC-925D-4506-9E97-D76A47B7BD31.jpg

 photo 80FF1CB6-9177-45FB-9481-2CAE4FD4982B.jpg

 photo 5BB5CA89-77CF-4AFA-904D-BBC7BEFF0188.jpg

 photo E143B6FF-11AF-47F3-8544-F08DC2889DC7.jpg

 photo 7A878707-358B-49A0-914B-986C77EEB56E.jpg

 photo 4898C017-2AB1-4FC3-B638-884206F9065B.jpg

 photo 5C309BB0-64BB-4D10-87DB-513183BFB444.jpg

 photo 712BC740-2FFE-42EF-8B9A-6861BA2D71A7.jpg

If you are a BSB fan, I highly suggest going to this concert if you get the chance to. They are still as great as I remember them being the million times that I've seen them before. They talked to the crowd a lot, played ALL of their hits and some new songs, and it made me feel like I was 16 again!  It was an amazing night that I'll never forget!