This is what happens when you are forever 16 years old...

I like many genres of music...rock, oldies, rap, folk... My forever favorite genre of music is pop.  Specifically 90's pop/early '00 pop. Even more specifically 90's/early '00 boy band pop.

Yessssss I'm talking about Backstreet Boys, NSync, NKOTB, LFO, 5ive, Soul Decision, 2 Gether...all of the greats.

Backstreet Boys will forever always have a special place in my heart, though.  They were my very first boy band love, and I was a loyal fan from the beginning.  I've memorized all of the songs and dance moves, I can still break out the "Backstreet's Back" dance at a moment's notice, I even still remember some random facts about the boys (Frick and Frack, anyone?)

I've seen them countless times in concert, even when Kevin left the band for a brief period of time, but now he's back with the band and we are seeing them in concert in June!!!!!

To celebrate this occasion, I knew that we had to go all out.  I hate using this phrase, but YOLO.  I had the idea that we should make crazy puff paint t-shirts covered in glitter like we used to do when we were in middle school.  4 out of my 5 friends going to the concert were totally into the idea, so I had a shirt making party this past weekend!

First we had to gather our supplies...

 photo 6FFDAE8C-2146-4B57-B040-B5145CDC9DDC.jpg

Then we had to gather our friends...

 photo B638E30B-0E55-4502-9030-D4AA9A961673.jpg

Lots of glitter and lots of neon paint and we have these glorious masterpieces!

 photo 31CC20E9-D129-4AC8-9444-D55F2AE028D4.jpg

 photo 3C1B12CC-0BE7-41EB-9267-EFC9944B0EAE.jpg

 photo EDABDD49-BBFA-4AB3-BF2A-D12EA8F80256.jpg

 photo C2CB4FFC-0532-413B-BA53-07D96F9EF3C5.jpg

 photo 15ECC281-890B-4072-B546-E06D4AAC9F70.jpg

FABULOUS, right?!?!

We have something extra special planned for the backs of the shirts, but I think that will be a surprise  :)

And of course we had to celebrate our hard work with a little bit of delicious fondue!

 photo 59C102B8-29C5-48D8-81BD-59C1ABD4BF92.jpg

 photo 3589B08E-6D9C-4205-BEE1-E10B0F5D5F63.jpg

Have you ever made puff paint t-shirts for a concert or other occasion?