Bodycon Dresses...not as scary as I thought!

Being a pear shape, I've stuck with A-line dresses and skirts because, to me, they are the most flattering.  Anything that nips in at the smallest part of my body makes me feel my best! But while in H&M the other day, I decided on a whim to try on this striped bodycon dress...and you know what?  I didn't hate it.

 photo HampMDress.jpeg

On paper, everything should be wrong.  Bold stripes, fitted shape, tight like a tiger...but it actually made me feel pretty good!  I've never worn a dress this fitted, but it was sassy and fun and I can imagine wearing this with a great pair of wedges or heels and a bright clutch.

I didn't bite the bullet and purchase the dress yet, though, even though it was a FANTASTIC price at a little over $12, but I keep thinking about it.

Here are a few other bodcon dresses that I've come across that I may have to try on!  I have a feeling that finding the right fitted dress for me is going to be trial and error.

 photo hmprodCARL1MPV.jpg

H&M:  $9.95

 photo hmprodCAKNU332.jpg

H&M:  $34.95

 photo 0395_9088_001_of.jpg

American Eagle:  $39.95

 photo 74_786_3054_041_42.jpg

Express:  $59.90

 photo 94_784_7442_001_15.jpg

Express:  $69.90

 photo imageService.jpg

LOFT:  $79.50