Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 photo bellastpatricksday-1.jpg Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!  Bella is in the holiday spirit with her fabulous hat...isn't she the most adorable thing ever?

 photo bellastpatricksday2.jpg

On Friday, a few of us went to Larkin Square for their special event Live at O'Larkin!  Food trucks, music, Irish dancing, super fun!  Luckily the weather was pretty decent, so we were really excited to go.

 photo larkin4.jpg

We were actually pretty freezing.  It was WINDY! But, no fear, the food trucks were there to deliver some fantastic hot and yummy food!

 photo larkin.jpg

Wherever there's food trucks...I'm there.  With my green mustache.

 photo larkin3.jpg

 photo larkin7.jpg

 photo larkin5.jpg

 photo larkin6.jpg

The little Irish dancers were so adorable!  Is 30 too old to start taking Irish dance lessons?  I want a bouncy wig and a fancy costume...that sounds like my idea of a good Saturday night out on the town.

 photo larkin8.jpg

Did you do anything fun this St. Patrick's Day weekend?