The Polar Vortex

Dun dun dunnnnnn....the Polar Vortex! Were any of you in the middle of this horrific storm?  Living in Buffalo, we are used to snow, but this was a doozy of a storm.  The temperatures were in the negatives, and pretty much all of Erie County had blizzard conditions on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It got so bad that they even closed the malls, and that never happens!

Nicholas took a few pictures to document our Polar Vortex experience.

 photo get-attachment11.jpg

Normally, on a clear day, you would be able to see a school across the street, but it was a wall of white!  No wonder why there was a state of emergency!

 photo get-attachment12.jpg

This is our street!

 photo get-attachment10.jpg

Looks beautiful, doesn't it?  It was probably one of the worst driving experiences I've had, though!  I've been through "white-outs" before, but this was a complete white out.

 photo get-attachment9.jpg

And this is our beautiful little house!

Our Polar Vortex experience could have been worse...I'm just happy that we made it through safely.

How's the weather where you are?