Personal Style: Can you still wear mustaches at 30?

 photo MustacheSweater.jpg As we all know, mustaches are all the rage with the youths.  They are mugs, clothing, shoes, phone cases, calendars, etc.  But is there an age limit on mustaches?  How old is too old to rock a mustache sweater?  Can a thirty-year-old wear a cute mustache sweater with an awesome skirt and some bling?  I'm voting yes.

 photo Blackandwhitemustachesweater.jpg

What's better than a dress with pockets?  A skirt with pockets, of course.  For those of you who own skirts/dresses with pockets, do you make use of them?  I absolutely do!  Especially at work.  I stick my phone and keys in there while I'm walking around the mall and I'm good to go!

 photo MustacheSweaterandSkirt.jpg

So what do you think.  How old is too old to wear mustaches?


Sweater  Flannel - SIMILAR Skirt - SIMILAR Tights Shoes  Necklace - SIMILAR

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