Christmas Recap

Monday, we meet again. But I guess it's not so bad since it's a short week and tomorrow is my 30th birthday! Yikes! Just wanted to share a few photos from our Christmas Day last week. We went to my in-laws in the morning and then picked up Nick and Chip from the airport and headed to my parent's house in the evening. A long day but so much fun!

Their tree looked absolutely beautiful this year!

 photo 7c6924d3-9ef8-4cd8-967f-e5e3e8278a36.jpg

Here was my Christmas outfit...I'm obsessed with my sweatshirt!  I found it at Tee Shirt University!

 photo 7349e40d-481c-40df-be3d-6482e949bafc.jpg

 photo 8bc90cc2-ab58-4825-8e8e-4bd870e2c354.jpg

Here's Chip, Nick, Nicholas, and myself in front of the tree.  So happy to have them home for the holidays!

 photo christmas4.jpeg

As usual, everyone went overboard with the wonderful gifts.  We were definitely spoiled this year!

 photo christmas6.jpeg

 photo christmas5.jpeg

My favorite gift this year had to be the absolutely gorgeous diamond earrings from Nicholas!  I've been wearing them non-stop since Christmas.

 photo christmas8.jpeg

And this is what happens when someone parties a little too hard...poor Bella was exhausted!

 photo christmas7.jpeg

We had such a wonderful holiday full of family, friends, and delicious food.  What more could you ask for?

Did you have a great holiday?  Looking forward to the New Year?