New Favorite Necklace

black dress polka dot 3 Have you ever really really wanted something, like a lot, but didn't have any specific reason why you wanted it?

That's kind of the case with this necklace.

black dress polka dot 6

I've wanted an arrow necklace for the longest time. Why? Heck if I know. Maybe I think I'm Katniss (gah, don't we all wish we were Jennifer Lawrence? She's perfection.) The first arrow necklace I fell in love with was from Stella & Dot, but hi, seriously, I refuse to pay $50 for a dainty necklace. In fact, I think my girl JLaw wouldn't pay $50 for that either!

black dress polka dot 5

So when I went shopping with my mom a few weeks ago, we were browsing the clearance jewelry section at Macy's and I stumbled across this beauty from Fossil! You can actually find the same necklace on their website HERE. I'm pretty sure after discounts it came to no more than $10. Fantastic, no? I'm really digging the mixed gold/silver metals as well. It makes it much more versatile in terms of the color jewelry I can wear along with it.

As you can see from the link, it came with a bow necklace attached to it, but I just removed that. Also, the arrow has little rhinestones in it, but I just liked the plain gold, so I flipped it around! See, you don't always have to wear accessories as intended.

black dress polka dot 4

Here are a few other arrow necklaces that I found while browsing around!

First, my original inspiration:

stella necklace

Stella & Dot: $49

And here are some more reasonably priced alternatives:

forever 21

Forever 21: $2.80

forever 21 2

Forever 21: $3.80

maurice necklace

Maurices: $8


LinksLocks on Etsy: $20