Fragments and Fat Bobs

I briefly mentioned in my post yesterday about our night out on Friday, here I will go into a little more detail about the exhibition and the artists! I worked retail with one of the artists, Chuck Tingley, about 8 or 9 years ago.  We became fast friends...I remember my BFF Krystle and I went with him and a few of his friends to the Family Values concert (omg) at the arena.  I will never forget that was my first time riding the metro rail and I think there are pictures somewhere from that night of Krystle and I buying ice cream at Tops at 1:00am.  Oooohhhh...we were such rebels, right?

Even after we stopped working together, we were still Facebook friends and I noticed that he was getting more and more into the art scene in Buffalo.  Over the years I have spotted him set up at a few of the art festivals in Buffalo, and just recently, got a Facebook invite to this interesting pop-up art show that he was a part of with 3 other artists.

It is called Fragments (click the link to read a Buffalo News article about it) and it showcases the art work of Chuck, Max Collins, Thomas Webb, and OGRE.  They held the exhibit in a pretty cool location.  It was in the top of Hi-Temp Fabrication in downtown Buffalo, right by the First Niagara Center.  I took a few photos of our experience.

Art 3

We parked in the lot on Illinois Street, and this was on the Hi-Temps Fabrication building.

We were wondering where they were actually located, thankfully there was this helpful sign!  I love the cobblestone streets of Buffalo.

Art 4

This is actually how we entered and exited the building.  I was already having fun and we weren't even in yet.

Art 2

So we could either take the elevator or the stairs, so we hoofed it up a few flights of stairs and up into this room that had each artists works on the walls.  Every artist was completely different, but each piece seemed to work together.  Here is a picture of Chuck and I with one of his pieces.

Art 1

All in all I was super impressed with the show, with the artist's works and the choice of venue!  If you would like to see the show, their Facebook invite says that it runs until April 12th at Hi-Temp Fabrication on Perry Street downtown right by the First Niagara Center.

Art 5

The cobblestone goodness of Illinois Street.

So after the show, we were pretty hungry, so we decided to go to my favorite restaurant in Buffalo- Fat Bob's Smokehouse on Virginia Place.

Art fat bobs

Fat Bobs...delicious, delicious, DELICIOUS BBQ.  Fellow Buffalonians, if you haven't been, I highly recommend that you go ASAP.  Everything that I have had there has been amazing.

Art fat bobs 2

That night I had the pulled chicken sandwich, hush puppies, and my all-time favorite sweet potato fries.  So good!!  Perfect end to a perfect night in the Nickel City.