Personal Style: The Perfect Flat

Shoes are one of my many "things" and I own way too many pairs, but I can never resist an awesome pair of flats. I worked retail forever, and it was a challenge finding shoes that were dressy, yet cute and comfortable since you were on your feet all day.  I remember my one boss used to tease me all the time because I had ugly "granny" shoes, you know the ones, the generic boring chunky flat black shoes that were so comfortable that you couldn't manage to throw them away.

Now that I work a desk job, I'm not on my feet all day, but I still love a cute, comfortable, dressy pair of flats that can punch up an outfit in an instant.

If you follow me on Instagram, you noticed that I posted these beauties on Sunday:

Salon shoes

How super adorable are these!  Cap toe shoes are so hot right now, and of course, black and white makes its appearance again.

And to make things even better, they are from Payless!  And on sale for only $19.99!

Click the link for different colors.  They have extra cushion inside so they are incredibly comfortable, and I wore them walking around the mall and running some errands for a few hours and no blisters!

I wore them with this outfit (please don't judge me for wearing gingham so often, maybe I think I'm Dorothy)

Ombre outfit

Simple skinny jean, gingham button up, and cute flats.  Effortless outfit that still looks chic and put together.

Here are a few similar cap toe flats I have found.  Let's do a splurge vs. save:


jcrew flat


tory burch flat

Neiman Marcus


target cap toe


jcp flat

JC Penney