Ombre Hair

Ombre during Hey all!

If there is something that can be done to your hair, I have pretty much done it.

My hair has been through many adventures-  It all started in early middle school with multiple, multiple, fabulous perms.

I went through a phase where I wanted to be Dana Scully from The X-Files, so I went with a bob and had it dyed red (I secretly still wish that I was Scully).

Remember those hair mascara wands from Claires?  Yeah, I once decided to give myself blue streaks (mom wasn't too happy with that decision, but I thought it looked awesome).  You should have seen the color of our white bathtub after that shampoo out...

And then from there I have been dyed numerous colors- copper, maroon, red, black, blonde, dark brown, light brown, highlights, lowlights, and a glorious shade of orange from a disastrous at-home dye job incident (which still horrifies me to this day) and have been every length from chin to almost down to my butt.

I am fortunate enough to still have super healthy hair to this day, and I am able to do a lot to it.  So when I was scheduled for my hair appointment this weekend, I made a last minute decision to go ombre, thanks to this picture I found on Pinterest:

Ombre inspiration


Gorgeous, no?  My roots were pretty much her color anyway, and I've always been curious about going ombre, so I though, why not!

So I texted my friend this picture, and she said that it could be done!

Here is a picture of my "before" hair:

Ombre before

And here is my "after" hair!

Ombre after 1

Ombre after 2

I love what she did!  It's such a welcome change for the warmer temperatures.  I'm so happy that I decided to take the plunge and try out the ombre.  I always say that it's just hair, so why not take a risk once in a while?

My hair is super stick-pin straight, but I always love to have a little curl in my day-to-day styles, and I could never find the right hairspray that will hold my style all day, yet not feel super crunchy.  Until this little beauty came into my life:



Bed Head Maxxed-Out Massive Hold hairspray.  Seriously, this stuff is AMAZING.  So flexible, holds my curl all day (and sometimes even into the next day!), and isn't crunchy at all!  For those of you looking for a new hairspray, try this one out.  I love it!

Have you ever taken a chance with your hair color or style and had it come out looking great (or not so great)?