Walking around Buffalo, it's hard to miss all of the amazing murals and public art pieces that have been popping up.  This page hosts photos of some of my favorite pieces as well as the exact locations so you can find them for yourself!  Explore the hashtag #NCPxBPA on Instagram to follow along on my art journey.

Noodle in the Northern Lights

Shea's 710 Theatre

710 Main Street, Buffalo

Artist: Jessie and Katey

Art Alley

Third Street, Niagara Falls

Artist: Multiple

The Old First Ward

60 Alabama Street, Buffalo

Silo City

Childs St, Buffalo

Artist: Multiple

 Photo:  Angel Sanchez

Photo:  Angel Sanchez

Echo Art Fair Project

OSC Manufacturing, Buffalo

Artist: Team Razor Wire

McClelland Small Animal Hospital

455 Ellicott St, Buffalo

Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology

1221 Main Street, Buffalo

Artist: Alice Mizrachi along with students in the art program


224 Allen Street, Buffalo

Artist: Chuck Tingley

Greetings From Buffalo

461 Ellicott Street, Buffalo

Artist: Casey William Milbrand

Main Street Studios

515 Main Street, Buffalo (back of building)

Artist: Chuck Tingley

Imperial Art Studio

2353 Sheridan Drive, Amherst

Signal Boxes

Elmwood Village, Buffalo

Tower of Power

Halbert Street near the Tri-Main Building, Buffalo

Artist: Team Razor Wire

Buffalo Proper

333 Franklin Street, Buffalo

Artist: Kristin Brandt

Essex Arts Center

28 Essex Street, Buffalo

72 Jewett

72 Jewett Parkway, Buffalo

Artist: Daniel Galas

Stacked Revision Structure

Albright-Knox Art Gallery

1285 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo

Artist: Liam Gillick

Tribute to Spain Rodriguez

Holley Farms Market

233 Allen Street, Buffalo

Artist: Ian DeBeer


100 Washington Street, Buffalo

Artist:  Thomas Paul Asklar and Matthew Sinclair Conroy

The Barrel Factory

65 Vandalia St, Buffalo

Black Iron Bystro

3648 South Park Avenue, Blasdell

Artist: Team Razor Wire

505 Main Street, Buffalo (side of building)

Freestyle Faces of Main Street

515 Main Street, Buffalo (side of building)

Artist: Chuck Tingley, Matt Grote, Max Collins

 Photo:  Ryan Kell

Photo:  Ryan Kell

 Photo:  Ryan Kell

Photo:  Ryan Kell

The Iron Fireman

Allen Street Hardware

245 Allen Street, Buffalo (behind building)

Artist: Rust Belt Division

 Photo:  Ryan Kell

Photo:  Ryan Kell

Tribute to Tony Goldman

Allen Street Hardware

245 Allen Street, Buffalo (side of building)

 Photo:  Ryan Kell

Photo:  Ryan Kell

Magic Buffalo

Joe's Deli

1322 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo

Artist: Bunnie Reiss

Dance Everyday

537 East Delavan, Buffalo

Artist: Shantell Martin

 Photo: Nicholas Robson

Photo: Nicholas Robson

The Mothership

571 East Delavan, Buffalo

Artist: Team Razor Wire

 Photo: Nicholas Robson

Photo: Nicholas Robson

239 Oneida Street, Buffalo

Artist: Chuck Tingley

Exchange Street, Buffalo

Artist:  Chow Monstro

chow monstro.jpg

Patria, Será Porque Quisiera Que Vueles, Que Sigue Siendo Tuyo Mi Vuelo

(Homeland, Perhaps It Is Because I Wish to See You Fly, That My Flight Continues to Be Yours)

585 Niagara Street, Buffalo

Artist:  Betsey Casanas

Niagara Street.jpg

Buffalo Alternative Therapies

1315 Niagara Street, Buffalo

Artist:  12 Grain Studio


Gord Downie

Hertel Liquor Library

1669 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo

Artist:  Rory Allen

Tragically Hip.jpg

MVP Network Consulting

1297 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo

Artist:  Mario Zucca

Buffalo on Hertel.jpg


463 Third Street, Niagara Falls

Artist:  Chuck Tingley

Limitless Tingley.jpg

Corner of Delaware & Tacoma, Buffalo

Artist:  Alyssa Capri

Delaware Ave.jpg

Solid 716

150 Chandler Street, Buffalo

Chandler Street.jpg

Corner of Bailey & East Amherst, Buffalo

Artist:  Team Razor Wire & Edreys Wajed

Bailey Razor 1.jpg
Bailey Razor 2.jpg

The Freedom Wall

Michigan & E Ferry Street, Buffalo

Artists: John Baker, Julia Bottoms, Chuck Tingley, and Edreys Wajed



Larkinville District, Buffalo

Artist: Vinny Alejandro


Work and Play

617 Fillmore Avenue, Buffalo

Artist:  Otecki (Wojciech Kołacz)


We Are Here

1260 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo

Artist: White Bicycle


Welcome Wall

751 Fillmore Avenue

Artists: Keir Johnston and Ernel Martinez



1503 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo

Artists: Chuck Tingley & Matt Grote

 Photo: Tom Loonan

Photo: Tom Loonan