72 Jewett

Believe me when I tell you, these photos do NOT do the colors of this piece justice.

Unfortunately for me, we took these pictures on a particularly cloudy day.  Yes, you can tell that this is gold, but it's not just regular gold.  It's bright-ass metallic gold, and it's glorious!

I was really excited to add this bad boy to my Buffalo Public Art list.  This mural was created by local artist Daniel Galas in conjunction with the Albright-Knox Art Gallery this past summer.

The title of this piece is 72 Jewett, which was in tribute to the previous tenant of the building, Culliton Ice Company.  There are several buildings represented in this mural, such as Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic Church, the Buffalo Zoo, the Darwin D. Martin House, Kensington Water Tower, and many more.  You can read the plaque at the bottom of my post for full details!

As always, you can find the exact location of this piece and other beautiful public works of art on my Buffalo Public Art page!