Greetings From Buffalo

Allow me to introduce you to Buffalo's newest mural!  Isn't it absolutely stunning?

This colorful and welcoming piece was created by Casey William Milbrand and it's EVERYTHING.  Located on the side of the Washington Market on Ellicott Street in the city, it brings the feeling of light, love and community to the once bare brick wall.

I had the chance to check this out while it was still in progress (photo below) and it turned out even more beautiful than I could have imagined.

Casey really took the spirit of Buffalo and turned it into a masterpiece.  It embodies how far we have come as a city an as a community and how much pride and confidence we exude when we talk about living here.  I'm obsessed.

Make sure you check out this piece as well as the other works of art listed on my Buffalo Public Art page. More pieces to be featured very soon!