When's Food? LIVE at the Taste of Buffalo!

When's Food

You guys. This is EXCITING.

You might know by now that I’m one part of a four person podcast called “When’s Food?” I wrote about our humble beginnings earlier this year…read the post HERE.

Our big gigantic huge wonderful fantastic news is that….we’re performing our very first LIVE STAGE SHOW!!! We’ve been working very closely with our partners Tops Friendly Markets and they have asked us to perform live at this year’s Taste of Buffalo. If you are local to WNY and have not been to the Taste of Buffalo, what the heck is wrong with you? How wonderful does it sound to spend a glorious day outside in the warm summer sun walking down the street and trying all sorts of delicious foods from local restaurants?

Well this year, we will be putting on our first live show on Sunday, July 14th at 4:45pm at the Culinary Stage! We have a lot of fun things in store, including a very special round of Snack Facts, and the audience can participate for a chance to win some pretty cool prizes!

You can find more details on our Facebook event page, and we really hope to see you all there!