Podcast Alert: When's Food?


Sometime last year, my three friends and I had an idea. It started off small, and in passing someone mentioned that we should really start a podcast. We thought we were really funny (of course) and that we might be able to bring something entertaining to the podcast realm.

Fast forward to October 2018 and the idea came up again and we thought, you know what, let’s have a brainstorm session, see what comes out of it, and take it from there. Out of this single brainstorm session came the name, the concept, and we actually recorded our very first episodes that same night.

Allow me to introduce you to When’s Food? The podcast where four idiot friends discuss random topics until we get too hungry and need to break for a snack. The hosts are myself, Becki, Pat, and Nick. Whenever I tell people the name of our show, they immediately go, “Oh so you have a food podcast?” and I’m like well not really.

The name stemmed from the fact that we are always hungry. Whenever we make plans to go out, the next question is always, “When’s food?” since food is always the highlight of every evening. The concept of the show is simple- each week we pick one topic and spend a half hour (or sometimes more) discussing and arguing about said topic. Some episodes can get a little more heated than others, and we hope that our listeners can relate to what the heck that we are talking about. Someone once told us that they felt like they were listening to four friends just sitting around and talking about random things while they were waiting on a pizza delivery, and that’s exactly what we are going for!

How can you listen to us?

If you like what you hear, please leave us a rating and a review on Apple Podcast and don’t forget to subscribe! Also you can find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as well! We just started Season 2 and there’s no bad episode to jump in on, so let us know what you think!