A Day in Rochester


Last weekend, my friend Nick and I decided to take a little road trip to Rochester.  I've been driving to Rochester more frequently with my new job at Perry's since our product photographer is located out there, but I've never really gotten the chance to properly explore the city.

We made a very loose plan for the day, made sure to get matching outfits (where's all of my Queer Eye fans?!), and we were off!

Stop 1: Breakfast

Nick suggested that we make our breakfast stop at The Mad Hatter.  You guys.  This breakfast.  I had the Queen Croquet which was amazing, but Nick had this pancake that I've been dreaming about.  The cinnamon glazed pancake was seriously amazing. 10/10 would recommend this place!  Plus, as you could probably tell from the restaurant name, everything is Alice in Wonderland theme, which was super adorable.


Stop 2:  Rochester Public Market

When I polled my Instagram friends on things to do in Rochester, a lot of them said to hit up the Public Market.  It was so much more than I expected!  It kind of reminded me of this swap meet that I used to go to in Florida with my family when I was a kid.  Tons of vendors, produce, food, music, etc.  I should have totally come prepared with a cooler to buy my produce for the week because everything was SO inexpensive!  Make sure to check out their website for days/hours of operation because they are very limited.


Stop 3-?:  Mural hunting

So, if you've explored my website before, you know that I'm a mural junkie (check out my Buffalo Public Art page) and Rochester is known for their flourishing public art scene.  Some of these pieces I found by looking on Wall Therapy's site, and others we found just by driving around and pulling over to the side of the road real quick to take some photos.

We didn't see as many as I'd like, so I think I'll have to make a special trip just to finish my mural journey!


Coffee Break

We had to make a stop at Glen Edith while we were there.  Nick is a coffee freak and he thoroughly enjoyed his cold brew, while I'm obsessed with chai lattes, so I went that route.  I didn't get a shot of my chai, but isn't his cold brew gorgeous?


Back to the murals!


Between mural hunting and lunch, we popped into a few little shops.  One of our favorites was called the Op Shop.  It was the most adorable vintage clothing shop.  I bought a vintage floral 70's muumuu, and Nick picked up some scarves, one was a vintage Gucci, which we kind of had a mini freak out about.

Lunch was one of my favorite places, Boxcar Doughnuts.  I went specifically for the fried chicken sandwich on the doughnut bun, but when I was there they were out of doughnut buns *sad face* so I had to settle for a regular bun.  Still good, though!  Chicken was really good and the slaw was super crunchy and fresh.  Great doughnuts, great food, all around awesome spot.


After lunch we decided to head home because we had an event to attend that night, but I'd say our few hours that we spend in Rochester was a raging success!  Can't wait to go back and explore some more, and hopefully get that doughnut bun.