Falsie Favorites

Photo by Nicholas Robson

Photo by Nicholas Robson

I wear false lashes every day.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  Every. Day. 

I didn't used to wear falsies all the time.  I used to wear them only for special occasions, nights out with my friends, or any time I just wanted to feel fancy, but as soon as I got lash extensions, my whole world changed.  

I kept up with my lash extensions for a few months, but soon the commitment became a little too much for me.  I loved how I looked with the long luxurious lashes every day, but a part of me missed having the flexibility of being able to switch up how I looked when I used different styles of strip lashes.  After all of my lash extensions fell out, I became disappointed at how my eye makeup look just didn't seem finished without longer lashes.

I started buying a few different brands and styles of lashes, trying to find the ones that worked best for me and my eye shape, also taking into account how many times that I would be reusing the lashes since I'd be looking for something I could wear every day.  

Here's a list of three of my favorite lash brands...all have lasted me probably 20 wears per lash and the price points are pretty great.

NOTE:  The good old standby Ardell isn't on my list, but it's my favorite brand to use for wedding party makeup.  I don't think the Ardell lashes hold up well after one or two uses, but they look really natural and pretty when they are on.  My favorites are the Wispies.  

Rouge and Rogue

Price range:  $8 - $10

Favorite styles:  Miss Fury, Lady Killer, Luminara, Mythic 


Killa Beauty

Price range:  $5

Favorite styles:  Suki, Zara, Vivian


Flutter Lashes

Price range:  $9.95 - $39.95

Favorite styles:  Intoxicating, Fierce, Prestige