Buffalo State Runway

 photo 12439441_1001117503306659_2451180923632360615_n.jpg This Saturday, April 16th, is the yearly fashion show at Buffalo State College (my alma mater!)

I've been to many fashion shows in my blogging career, but this one has always been one of my favorites.  For the past few years, the fashion department at Buff State puts on a runway show featuring student designers.  I'm so in love with the fact that these students get a chance to showcase their pieces on a runway in front of hundreds of people...it's like a dream come true! It actually makes me pretty jealous because I wish that I could design & sew my own clothing...I honestly don't think I would ever shop again if I could do that!

This year's theme is Eco-lution:  Ecology plus Evolution.

Ecology – Human sciences; the love of what surrounds us.  Thoughtfulness of the environment, sustainability. Looking to the stars and to earth for inspiration.

Evolution – the gradual development of something, usually simple to complex. Like the development of our students into designers and merchandisers; the development of cloth into garments, the changing of the apparel industry from wasteful to thoughtful.

Pretty cool, huh?  I'm excited to see how the theme carries through the show.

Tickets are still available to purchase on their website HERE.  I'll be attending the 8pm show, so if you happen to see me, stop by and say hi! I hope to see you there!