Winter Luau!

 photo 1E83B6BD-E791-4C53-88D6-F026B1734385.jpg Last week I had posted about the Maad Tiki Winter Luau, and I ended up going with my friend Angela.  We had a great time!

The party was held at Buffalo Riverworks, which is a new-ish location in the city.  It's a great space for events, and the roller derby actually holds their bouts there, which is pretty awesome.

The party was held on the second floor. They had bands, a dj, wearable art, and artists who were selling their work as well as live-painting, which was really great to see.  So many talented people in one space!

As you know, I love dressing up, but I couldn't find anything tropical to wear. I ended up wearing this super cute Hell Bunny sailor dress from Hot Topic and went for kind of a 1950's pinup inspired look.

Here are a few photos from the event!

 photo 64C42776-34E6-49CD-B310-99C2EDC9AA48.jpg

 photo BFF339F2-47F6-4423-B6BC-11ACD59EFC42.jpg

 photo 356F127B-A73A-43A8-94E9-18B75A8416FD.jpg

 photo A74D6AAB-8524-4149-886C-E27425B15AA8.jpg

 photo 31648BAF-254B-49E4-8A58-CFF0A158D24A.jpg

 photo E7907859-D707-4D50-A663-E2C04C1F7165.jpg

 photo 5A218BDD-C3C8-4F24-A084-299DD1F3EE4A.jpg

 photo 6DD0690F-7650-411E-B3B7-A12E9C49F91C.jpg

 photo BAC19F30-330A-4F6B-ADB1-AA8F67991927.jpg

 photo 440C2BD0-D41C-43DD-ADF0-D5D8950056AC.jpg

 photo E6B58D4B-2731-41FF-842D-A9B98ECFC176.jpg