Bella's Doggie DNA Test

So, there are crazy cat ladies and there are crazy dog ladies.  I am, of course, a crazy dog lady.  And what does a crazy dog lady do?  She gets her dog's DNA tested. I know what you are thinking.  WHY would you want to get your dog's DNA tested?  My friend joked that I was concerned that she wasn't "mine" and that we should end up on an episode of Maury :)

Well, having your dog's DNA tested can help by finding any genetic mutations or underlying health problems.  It also can find out the different breeds that your dog is mixed with so it's easier to train your dog or find out if there will be any physical health concerns in the future.

I decided to have Bella tested out of plain curiosity.  We got her from a rescue and we have always speculated what she could be, and I figured why not find out!

I ended up purchasing the Mars Wisdom Panel test off of Amazon.  It was around $70.

 photo 87F5ED05-69F6-4B0F-B8B7-5322F3E841CA.jpg

It came with two swabs that you scrub the inside of your dog's cheek with.

 photo D29A4C5D-6C44-4B9E-9B7B-1587296436A7.jpg

 photo 1F5BEA9C-021C-475B-91A4-0882EE35D806.jpg

The problem do you get your dog to hold steady while you scrub the inside of their cheek?

Well, it looks a little something like this:

 photo 3FBA7AEE-3337-44B1-AE91-B6E6E05085EF.jpg

 photo BC2DAF35-C4EA-4964-82B9-DE3E04356F60.jpg

 photo 64E29D3D-DFC9-4FD2-9AA7-DBC86B82F8F2.jpg

 photo EECE5B1D-2AAE-4002-9E99-6DAD0E424AB6.jpg

I just like the last picture because she looks like a Muppet.

So then you let the swabs dry, stick them back in the box, and ship it off!

The results still haven't come in, but I'll make an updated post when they do! I'm so excited so see what she is! Watch, she'll probably be something bizarre like a chihuahua poodle mix.