Buffalo Pride

Hello!  I'm here!  My goodness, things have been so crazy lately, that it's been getting harder and harder to sit down at the end of the day and write up a post.  You know how sometimes when one thing is going on, it just snowballs to where it seems like everything in the world is happening at once?  Yeah, that's been the past two weeks. Here's a recap from the Buffalo pride parade!

Buffalo Pride week was at the beginning of June, and my friend Kelly and I went to the parade and the festival.  It was my first time at the parade and it was amazing!  So many colors and so much love for one another...It really made me proud to live in a city where people are so accepting and hungry for change!

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I brought Bella a rainbow tutu which she was more than happy to model for me!  They were giving children tutus at the festival, and since I don't have any kids, I asked if I could have one for my dog.  How stinkin cute does she look?

 photo 249AAECE-6454-40D0-B12A-2ADEAF6E7C2B.jpg

We had such a great time at Pride Buffalo!

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