A Weekend In Pittsburgh: Part Two!

So, we woke up on Saturday bright and early and had a lot that we wanted to pack into one day.  We grabbed a coffee at Starbucks around the corner from our hotel and were on our way! My friend had told me about the Nationality Rooms at the University of Pittsburgh.  They are classrooms that are dedicated to a specific country, and everything in the room is inspired by that country's culture.  Nicholas, being a teacher, was really interested in this, so we decided to make that the first stop of our day!

 photo A30E35C0-0C8D-4F81-AA21-0D9F355FD914.jpg

The Nationality Rooms are located in the Cathedral of Learning.  Here's a fun fact.  It is the tallest educational building in the Western Hemisphere and the second tallest university building in the world.  Pretty impressive, huh?

 photo 10563117_10203676578709129_441514110820374033_n.jpg

 photo 10460741_10203676578029112_761557623251393207_n.jpg

When I walked inside of the Cathedral, my first thought was, "Oh my god, I am in Hogwarts."

 photo 994179_10203676579909159_1162519116140234771_n.jpg

 photo 871D05B0-A93A-47D9-BDAD-8AA0CF57304E.jpg

 photo 6E2EFD5F-47AE-4776-BAE2-4387107499F8.jpg

 photo 2CB508B5-5B88-484F-88C3-36E22C2837E6.jpg

 photo 830AAF28-E65F-48D2-BE4C-5217ACD35EF9.jpg

This is the photo he was taking:

 photo 10411718_10203676581509199_8186656000393203565_n.jpg

It was at this point that his camera battery died and we didn't have a charger, so the rest of the photos from the Cathedral are low-res from my iPhone.

Okay, so now you are wondering what the Nationality Rooms actually are.  I pulled this information off of their website:

The Nationality Rooms are located on the first and third floors of the University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning. The rooms were designed to represent the culture of various ethnic groups that settled in Allegheny County and are supported by these cultural groups and governments.  Dr. Bowman, who became Chancellor after World War I, was charged with developing a great university in a city richly populated with first-generation immigrant families. It was Dr. Bowman’s desire to provide students with unique classrooms which would reflect a highly-creative period in the motherlands of Pittsburgh’s new citizens. He conceived the idea of inviting community representatives of diverse nations to plan and build classrooms depicting an era or aspect of the heritage they had brought to America.  Principles were established which dictated that each room should represent a nation accorded diplomatic recognition by the United States government. In that post-World War I-era, it was decided that the content of every room was to be cultural, with the only political reference permitted being a symbol carved in stone above the room’s corridor entrance. No living person would be portrayed, and the room’s design would represent a period pre-dating the American constitution and the founding of the University in 1787.

I know, enough with the history, bring on the photos! These photos were all taken from different rooms. Each room depicted a different country. They were all beautifully crafted and the attention to detail was amazing!

 photo 33583B70-64C8-4399-9ACC-81794E85B1FC.jpg

 photo E50DDD44-65D0-45BC-96B6-AFF219DFD0D3.jpg

 photo E4ED9D35-4C28-4BE2-9093-04D46487E63A.jpg

 photo CF85A5D6-920C-4FF6-969F-32EC92EEBDF6.jpg

 photo 9AA4D231-4556-47CB-B0E9-14A57E9A5964.jpg

 photo 0352EAF6-EB98-45B3-BE42-61D3C8A672D8.jpg

 photo 424A0754-B809-406E-9B36-6173313F4CE0.jpg

 photo 8B37F22A-1CB2-4683-A863-089F36C758E7.jpg

 photo BFCEB9F2-170D-4A94-9D8C-1951239DAF69.jpg

 photo A5821906-D3F3-4627-8728-7188D01BA7D2.jpg

 photo 07ACEE0A-AD3B-41C1-B8E9-1324E6E110CE.jpg

 photo 4CC5D72D-97B9-40CE-AED2-0CA74BFCC5C1.jpg

 photo 383F490E-29EE-47D3-A220-CFB7FEB6BC29.jpg

 photo 90DFFCEF-98CB-4DD5-A71E-01F680F19C8E.jpg

 photo F1A44A0B-8060-44AE-86BB-D784704019E1.jpg

 photo 7D3E15B4-C694-4008-A61D-B313358D29B3.jpg

 photo 03D5B5E5-00A2-4EF1-9C12-30C09325A3AF.jpg

 photo AC5D5EA3-74CC-483E-957C-744A2457C4A5.jpg

 photo 3F4CD52B-62B9-40AC-87E2-7190E85DEAC3.jpg

 photo 8888CE59-4406-475C-8CBE-7143EA730179.jpg

 photo 93516986-B5BE-4F64-A461-30B48FB4A436.jpg

 photo 5795A8DE-D42D-4205-A95A-BE8D85B009EF.jpg

 photo E26C5D5A-68CA-4085-B660-59336E009376.jpg

 photo 48AF5901-543A-4BB3-8303-F5FAD5BA6604.jpg

 photo A160B98E-4FF7-4507-ABAD-F158FBD54BC8.jpg

 photo AA0BB894-ADFC-49F4-9B16-51C4BAF8EBD2.jpg

 photo D35E7F31-A7BA-4EBF-BFE7-8CACABC9BCD7.jpg

 photo 4F749C24-1A00-48AC-A5B3-B56A4AA00C66.jpg

 photo 2A218214-5021-4349-A84B-5131F806E330.jpg

Each room was so impressive and you can tell just how much time and energy went into representing each country perfectly.  I am SO happy that we made this our first stop on Saturday...if you are in Pittsburgh, this is definitely a must-see!

Keep an eye out for Part Three of my weekend in Pittsburgh!