The Lady Gaga ArtRave Tour!

For those of you who know me, you know that I'm a HUGE Lady Gaga fan.  I love her music, her theatricality, her style, and everything that she stands for.  I think she's a brilliant musician who's voice sometimes get overlooked due to her insane outfits.  But that's what I love about her...the insane outfits. I saw Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tour twice, once in Detroit and once in Buffalo, and it was probably one of my favorite concerts that I've ever been to.  Fantastic and flawless!  Of course, we had to dress up.

Here's what my friend Brook and I wore for the Detroit show...pretty tame on my part, but she went all out with the construction theme!

 photo 59010_599773048275_3524329_n.jpg

 photo 46763_599773163045_2206234_n.jpg

For the show in Buffalo, we had floor tickets.  Since we were going to be in the middle of the party, I figured I had to step up my game a little bit.   And so was born...the disco ball bra.

I made this bra myself, by taking a regular old bra and buying one of those mini disco balls from Party City.  I ripped the little mirrors off of the ball and glued them onto the bra!  Believe it or not, I've worn that bra about 5 or so times since that concert and no mirrors have fallen off yet!

 photo 197355_630076924065_4828396_n.jpg

 photo 188628_630077188535_3796009_n.jpg

And we got REALLY close to her!

 photo 196007_630081150595_3712723_n.jpg\

 photo 196794_630081250395_5719566_n.jpg

So now the ArtRave tour came into town, and we had floor tickets again, so I knew I had to try to top the disco ball bra!  And so...the crystal seashell bra was born. I bought a foam seashell bikini top online, hot glued it to a bra, and then, for a MONTH, individually glued crystals to that damn thing. It took forever, but the end result was perfect.

 photo 8B96CBD4-1C5B-4606-9B08-8EC1F127CAFA.jpg

 photo 5DE1A067-7B72-4964-95CD-6510BF6EB66A.jpg

And this happened...

 photo 13A8306F-2210-4C04-B09F-4DE1FD11571E.jpg

And we got REALLY close to her again!

 photo DE4C761A-EBE7-4EE1-9B81-840AA306F40B.jpg

 photo DA9D2A3D-5706-44F4-9D53-3D9A23834237.jpg

 photo 8CCAE27A-C347-4BFB-8FFF-DFC960CCFBCF.jpg

 photo BB86B3CB-59E0-4881-8067-E40B402001D8.jpg

 photo 5FCBE22B-54FA-4C5C-AA4C-71A6445BCE59.jpg

If Gaga tours again, who knows what costume I'll have to come up with next! Maybe I'll actually have to attempt the meat dress...I'd rather not.