Midi Skirt Madness

I have a crush on knee-length and midi skirts, and I'm willing to admit it.  Especially if they are high-waisted.  If I could only wear one outfit for the rest of my life, it would be a midi-skirt and a great pair of heels.  You just look so polished and put-together, and hello, skirts are SO much more comfortable than pants.  It's a scientific fact.  Google it. Now, longer-length skirts are not for every body type.  If you are a teeny petite girl, these skirts might make you look shorter instead of lengthening your legs.  But for all of my fellow taller sisters, throw on one of these skirts without a second thought.  So flattering and flawless.

Here are a few skirts I'm loving at the moment...both casual and fancy-shmancy!

 photo hmprod.jpg

H&M: $17.95

 photo 2042642_fpx.jpg

Macy's: $49.50

 photo Eva-Mendes-Collection-Fiona-Full-Skirt-Polka-Dot-Rose-Print_07655219_131.jpg

NY&Co: $64.95

 photo Eva-Mendes-Collection-Fiona-Full-Skirt-_07655078_180.jpg

NY&Co: $59.95

 photo shopping.jpg

Express: $79.90

 photo shopping1.jpg

Express: $79.90