Buffalo Pride Fest 2014

I'm a firm believer that love is love...everyone deserves to love and be loved!  You should have a right to be with and marry whomever you choose, as long as you are happy.  Every May, Buffalo has a huge Pride Week.  It consists of many events and parties, and this year I was able to attend the Pride Festival at Canalside!  It makes me proud to live in a city that celebrates and supports the LGBT community wholeheartedly. The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Sunday.  I went to the festival with my friend Kelly...take a look at a few pictures from the event!

 photo 8584E107-E015-4D7A-95AB-1DD8F44F4112.jpg

 photo 840E0151-36A7-41B4-AD5A-3E5A63EFEBBC.jpg

Canalside is one of my absolute favorite places to be in Buffalo!

 photo 23CD988B-5DDA-4928-A111-03E650458568.jpg

I had to represent Pride Fest with a fabulous beaded necklace!

 photo 2D37EE3C-46BF-4C60-B621-51656FD7AFAC.jpg

 photo CC90BD30-D001-420E-A23A-459F6AEE3A27.jpg

A few different bands played the festival. They were actually really good! I love it when I go someplace with music, never hearing the band before, and being pleasantly surprised at how great they are!

 photo 3CF89890-4449-487E-BB0D-41C697D2F3AA.jpg

Okay, how fabulous is she?  Not just anyone can pull off a blue jumpsuit and rainbow plumage!

 photo BA825F11-E156-48D7-86A4-8A5E893FD150.jpg

I'm forever cherishing my "I am an ally" pin!

 photo 317CAE71-651B-4A24-9179-9622A9A38B53.jpg

What would Pride Fest be without a retro dance tent?  They played Michael Jackson and Madonna...there was this amazing gentleman in there vogue-ing so hard, I was definitely impressed.

 photo 93B1613F-108C-464D-B302-E4A571B45CF6.jpg

Rainbow sherbet because it was 900 degrees outside.

 photo 05330A9E-AD1A-440A-87D6-A950B6C0A387.jpg

The pride Mini Cooper!  Fun fact:  A Mini Cooper is my ultimate dream car...especially if it has the Union Jack roof and side mirrors.

 photo DAC2659F-3935-4B51-A3AD-48BAEE490893.jpg

Cheers, Buffalo.  Happy Pride and here's to the start of an awesome summer!