Memorial Day Weekend Shenanigans

Happy Tuesday all! How was your Memorial Day?  Did you have a glorious 3 day weekend like I did?  So nice, right?

Our weekend didn't start off that great, though.  Nicholas decided it would be awesome on Saturday to slice his thumb open and get 6 stitches.

 photo A065E124-B05D-4D20-95C5-577450F4437C.jpg

I'll spare you the blood-filled photos that he texted me right after he cut his finger was pretty much a scene out of Dexter.  I couldn't look when they were stitching him up.  I'm a huge baby.  It's still hard for me to look at it now with the stitches in it.  Again, super huge baby right here.

Sunday was luckily a heck of a lot better.  The weather was fantastic and it was one of my best friend's 30th birthday party.  One of the things that I love about her is that she is not easily my mom and I picked up a few of these party hats.

Yes, they say what you think they say.

 photo 826C93FF-6F16-4798-81D7-886EE656833D.jpg

Fantastic, right? She was so surprised and wore her hat the entire time. Made me so happy!

 photo 05482EE6-E79C-4D9C-8226-4EC3276E30B9.jpg

There's the birthday girl, front and center!

 photo 1C73C429-218E-4958-B452-AA325DF057E5.jpg

They also had "paint your own" mustaches on a stick...we took full advantage of that!

 photo 2D3EA6E5-74AB-42ED-BD10-19DC3777B434.jpg

Bella even wanted to get in on the festivities!

 photo 83C6765B-923F-4E9C-8EAE-D98DDE4EFE9A.jpg

Sunday was the Buffalo Marathon. While I did not partake in the marathon itself, we decided to head up to Delaware Park for our usual weekend run and actually ran alongside some of the marathoners. Let me tell you, there is nothing more motivating than running with so many awesome people. You bet that I ran extra hard that morning!

 photo A2812739-BE4B-4DDE-885E-DF0798A93E9A.jpg

Yesterday, the weather was so beautiful, so we decided to buy all of our plants and do some gardening!

We started a vegetable garden last year and it was super successful, actually it was a little too successful as we had tomatoes coming out of our ears forever. This year I bought two cantaloupe and watermelon plants...hopefully they grow for us!

 photo 83539871-CF07-4AF1-8435-B2FDB72DE49A.jpg

 photo E2F804FD-9881-47DD-8139-CAA22C5AE948.jpg

 photo 3F7313B8-76F0-4473-8477-A79A2E5D5CDE.jpg

 photo FE79E0DB-3D42-4768-8582-FB2F83C6BB39.jpg

Aside from the hospital run, it was a great weekend!

What did you do this weekend?