New at Francesca's

Yesterday morning, Francesca's held a Mother's Day shopping event.  Because I love clothing and snacks, I decided to stop in and see what's new! The first thing that I noticed when I walked in the store were all of the beautiful bright colors!  The clothing looked so tropical and welcoming and I couldn't wait to try on a few pieces to get me in the summer mood.

 photo 384F9CF2-CF2E-4473-9A1A-E6221E9EFBD8.jpg

 photo 67353E60-9708-4C6E-8BE9-ECF62F388200.jpg

The fun jewelry matched the coral and teal color of the clothing.

 photo 0203160D-CC43-480E-9B57-6F75C7B2E287.jpg

Headbands and flower crowns.

 photo 3A09900C-3ADF-40C1-ADEC-F5CD24DF6606.jpg

Chula Vista Tribal Clutch

I fell in love with these clutches!  The print is so fun and the bag seems really well-made.  I feel like I could stuff a lot of my necessities in these bad boys.

 photo 961320ED-29CE-4F61-9F08-8E6AFACCC53E.jpg

 photo AECD66FA-F17F-4778-8778-10107FAAE450.jpg

The bow print scarf is so darling!

 photo E988837E-F0F6-4A92-B4EA-8B3CF7457B8E.jpg

I definitely need to go back for this iPhone case.  Why can't we all be unicorns?

 photo 4CB6749B-9151-466F-A544-F096612A609E.jpg

Okay, seriously.....seriously.  These were gourmet rice krispie treats and they were DELICIOUS!  I thought it was really cute how the color of the treats matched the color of the clothing in the store. Not sure if that was planned but it was such a fun detail.  And they definitely gave me a great idea for a future dessert!

Below are a few of the favorite pieces that I tried on and where you can find most of them on the website:

 photo 2FE4520F-BBF0-4536-8DCA-75FB7AB03CC4.jpg

June & Ivy Stitched Tank

 photo 2C810CBB-35F6-421C-91AA-718378718FD0.jpg

 photo 1CA318E3-BCDD-4FC4-B40C-2490720EDE12.jpg

Marquelia Embellished Dress (gah I wish this was a little longer...this was such a beautiful piece!)

 photo B1AEB31F-F8B9-478C-901B-0C849D260ECA.jpg

Medford Lattice Maxi Dress  (in love with the color of this dress and check out the fun back!)

 photo 1DEB043B-F452-45E0-B9D4-BB18CDA39CCD.jpg

Have you bought anything at Francesca's recently?