I want to ride my bicycle...

bike 3 Nicholas has always been really into biking. A few years ago before we were married, he surprised me with this awesome pink Schwinn. Then a few years later while on our honeymoon in Cape Cod, we purchased this even more awesome basket to go on the front of my bike.

bike 2

This summer, we really put my bike and basket to use! We are fortunate enough to live close to Elmwood Avenue and their awesome farmer's market that they have on Saturday mornings. This past weekend we biked 10.5 miles to and from the market...THIS IS SERIOUS. I BIKED 10.5 MILES WITHOUT DYING. For Nicholas it was a cake walk since he bikes anywhere from 15-30 miles a day, but I should have been awarded a medal after I got home.

bike 4

What's funny is that I love the color pink, but I hardly wear it. On this specific occasion, I had my pink bike, pink helmet, pink fleece, pink water bottle, and even a pink reusable bag inside my basket. It was a sight to see all right!

bike 6

Now, quick question for those of you who like to bike longer distances. I wore these cheap Old Navy leggings, but I am looking for something with more coverage/better fabric. Maybe something with spandex. Can any of you recommend a specific brand or pair?